ucs is operated by a California certified administrator, and a mental health specialist.

Rev.  Dr. Jasper Lowery, Founder and Executive Director, is a certified administrator for the State of California to operate Licensed Care Facilities. With over (12) twelve years experience, he has developing by d  strong outreach skills in working with the mentally challenged. Member of the Society of California Care Home Operations (SOCCO), he also a California State Liaison who was sworn Assemblymen  Marv Dymally (2007) in Sacramento.

Rev. Dr. Lowery has operated Adult Day Programs as Center Coordinator for Alameda County ARC programs for over (12) twelve years.

The Almeida County Health Department supports his efforts, through Healthy Oakland and other acquaintances to ensure the community has access to proper Mental Health Care Services.

 In 2010, he also became a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police Chaplain.

Rev.Dr. Lowery, a mental health specialist with a doctorate degree in theology, a servant for our community.  After serving the community for over (2) two years God called Dr. Lowery into ministry.  At that point the housing project became a ministry of helps.

The vision of the ministry is for its members to witness to a person after they receive Christ.  God allows for us to have immediate space our ministry, to improve living conditions, job opportunities, while transferring our lives into an unchanging vessel for the living God.

 We are proud that after (10) tens years we now have graduate housing availability including emergency 72 hour hold, transitional, semi permanent and permanent.  Access to free medical services, career development, job training  programs, job readiness and job placement including union trade jobs.

Special thanks to Healthy Oakland for providing  extensive free medical services, dental screening, mental health assessment and a host of services including voters registration.

If you would like to  get in touch with Healthy Communities please visit their website at www.healthycommunites.us

All donations are greatly appreciated. Please identify your donation in the description box. We provide tax credit and/or tax write off. If you have any furniture, clothing, etc. Please email us  at urojascs@gmail.com for pick up or drop off. Thanks in advance.